Feeling Chilly? Winter Party Ideas

Feeling chilly? How about some great Party Games to play indoors? Here some you can play indoors without too much mess and still have fun!

Pin the Crown on the Princess Game

Remember ‘Pin The Tail on the Donkey’? Well now you can ‘Pin the Bottle on the Baby’, ‘Pop the Eye Patch on the Pirate’ or even ‘Crown the Princess’!!

Pass The Parcel – a traditional party game and still a great favourite… pass the parcel containing layers of gifts around in a circle so everyone gets a chance to unwrap their surprise when the music stops. Party Kit ‘n Kaboodle can supply everything you need to make you own Pass The Parcel game that suits the theme of your party or we can make them for you!

A Treasure Hunt – allocate certain areas of your home as the Hunting Area…nobody wants heaps of kids rummaging all over the house ( that could turn into a real nightmare!) The kids will have tons of fun discovering their treasures. Check out Party Kit ‘n Kaboodle’s Pirate drawstring bags full of coins and jewels…hide the treasure and then give each kid the empty bag to pop their goodies in as they find them!

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