World Cup Soccer Fever – Why not have a party?

Soccer Fever is Here!

Enjoy the sounds of victory! Get your Soccer Ball Clappers, Soccer Ball Horns,

Soccer Clapper

Air blasters and Soccer Ball Whistles to cheer on your team. Score big with teammates and fans by having these plastic noisemakers in the stands and on the sidelines. Wave your Soccer Ball Clappers around to applaud great plays and winning goals! Help support your team, give ’em a hand!

It’s Party Time while the game is on…

Kick off your victory party by handing out Relaxable Soccer Sport Balls.

Relaxable Soccer Balls

Squeeze these realistic foam soccer balls and the stress of the match will melt away! Winning gifts for everyone that will score big with teammates and come in handy during stressful moments during the championship season! THIS is what you need…and it’s all so easy!

What about some awesome Soccer Sports Star Tableware and Invitations? Soccer Star Tableware Set & InvitationsParty tableware sets are perfect for any soccer or sports themed event. They include invitations with envelopes, soccer jersey shaped party plates, cups and soccer napkins. Looks great teamed up with a bright green or soccer themed table cover. Come on…what more could you want?!

Go visit local sports shops to see if they can spare any old advertising material or promotional posters. Pin them up around the room. Gives a great feel to the event. Invite your party guests to dress in their soccer gear – that’ll really get everyone in the sporty mood.

Here are a couple of games to play during half time…

Soccer Bowling:

• Set up bowling pins or empty plastic milk bottles. Line the pins up in two rows - two pins in the front and three at the back.

• Have your party guests kick a ball and knock down as many pins as they can. One point is awarded for each pin knocked down.

• The player with the most points wins. Give the winner an Award Ribbon or a trophy

Obstacle Dribble:

• Make an obstacle course in your yard out of cones, chairs, the dog (if he’ll sit still), grandma or any other items.

• Have the guests form a line.

• Then they take turns dribbling a soccer ball around the obstacle course to the end and back.

• Add some daft activities like kicking the ball through a big cardboard box and then crawling through after it.

Ok…after all this activity and excitement, everyone is hungry.

Soccer  Filled Loot Bag

So feed ‘em! What about making a terrific cake? I buy sponge mix packets from the supermarket – they always turn out a darn sight nicer than my ‘homemade from scratch’ sponges and they actually get eaten. Just follow the easy instructions…fool proof unless you burn it…

Soccer Ball Cake:

Mix up a packet of sponge mix

Bake a flat rectangular sponge cake.

Cover it with green frosting.

Put the cake to one side.

This is the playing field.

Mix up another packet sponge mix.

Grease Pyrex pudding bowl and pour in the sponge mix.

Bake a little longer than recommended baking time.

This is the soccer ball…well - it will be when you turn it out!

Tip the "soccer ball cake" out of the pudding bowl onto the rectangular sponge cake you made in the beginning.

Sprinkle green-tinted coconut around the ball cake so make the grass.

Put a layer of white icing all over the soccer ball cake.

Finally, using a toothpick, draw a soccer ball design on the white icing and outline the design with black icing.

Kick the winning goal at the end of the party …

Be the talk of the town by giving all your soccer fans an awesome Sport Ball Filled Treat Bag to take home. A great gift and a super memento of a fantastic day.

Terrific huh?! Enjoy!

That’s all folks!


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