Snuggle Pals – Because everyone needs someone to love!

Everyone needs someone to love!

Winter’s here. Feel the need to snuggle up real close with someone adorable?

Someone who has a soft heart, someone who knows your inner most secrets but will never ever tell. Someone who looks good, feels good, has a great body and dresses well! Sound like your ideal soul-mate? OK…then LOOK NO FURTHER!

Yellow Labrador Snuggle Pal

We have found you the ultimate friend… a real Snuggle Pal…and it’s someone you can make into exactly who you want them to be -  Fancy a hunky soldier? A tough rough cowboy or a beautiful ballerina?

Tabby Cat Snuggle Pal

Snuggle Pals are for everyone so there is definitely one for you! There’s no sewing….you just stuff the body then pull the belly button threads to fasten off. SOOOO easy!

Snuggle Pal bodies are BIG– between 35 - 40cm. There are teddy bears, dogs, cats, tigers and lions. You don’t even need to be ‘crafty’. Simple instructions are included along with everything you need – stuffing, a beautiful body and a complimentary Party Kit ’n Kaboodle T-shirt for your Pal. You also get a Birth Certificate and a Satin Wishing Star. After you have made a secret wish, the Wishing Star is put in your new Pal’s body before you finishing stuffing. Your secret is safe forever….how cool is that!

Kitten Snuggle Pal
You will adore your new Pal - someone to treasure forever - or surprise someone you love with this great gift!

Pirate Pete Snuggle Pal OutfitBrilliant Beach Girl Snuggle Pal OutfitCowboy Snuggle Pal Outfit
Need an outfit for your new Pal? There are HEAPS of options. Fancy a fireman, bikie, doctor? Go for it! The world is your lobster - There’s even a super soccer outfit, fairy and ballerina. The choice is almost limitless.

Go on…stuff away until your heart’s content.

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