Monsters! Aliens! Creatures from Outer Space! Great Party Ideas

Monsters! Aliens! Creatures from Outer Space!

Don’t panic! These creatures come in peace!

Monster Bash Loot Bag
Monster Bash Loot Bag

Give your kids the coolest Monster Bash themed birthday party in the universe. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to make sure your birthday boy or girl has a blast - and you can do it all at down–to-earth prices.

Are they monsters? Are they aliens? We have some really cute critters that are so friendly that their big bright smiles will melt your heart.

Instead of the traditional party hat, the kids will shriek with delight when they see themselves wearing a Monster Bash Head Bopper – bright, fuzzy and full of fun. You

Monster Bash Head Bopper
Monster Bash Head Bopper

could join in too and wear one…go on… give the kids a laugh! Make a fashion statement! Or look like a crazy loon and wear a mad scientist wig

Get the idea?...Are you on a roll?....Great!

Check out our Monster Bash Squirts, Monster Bubble Bottles, paddleball games,

Monster Bash Paddle Ball Game
Monster Bash Paddle Ball Game

pop-ups and craft kits. Turn the pieces on our Puzzle Cubes to create your monsters!

Monster Bash Relaxable Balls
Monster Bash Relaxable Balls

Kick off your shoes and relax with a Monster Relaxable ball when the party is over and all the kids have gone home wild and happy clutching their Monster Bash Filled Treat Bags stuffed with cheerful monster toys!

Feeling creative? Then how about making a Spaceship Photo Cut Out?
Before the party, draw a large spaceship on a piece of stiff cardboard. Cut an oval window in the spaceship big enough for a child's face to fit in. When the party guests arrive, let the children stand behind the spaceship and stick their heads through the window…then take a photo of the new astronauts! A photo is always a nice memory to take home.

Cut fat monster feet from green cardboard and stick them to the floor leading from the door to the main party room.

Play monster music like Sesame Street’s Monster in the Mirror, Monster Mash, The Purple People Eater, Addams Family Theme and Ghostbusters.

Consider a pull-string piñata if you would rather not have small children swinging a bat.

Decorate your monster birthday party table with star tablecloth.

Monster Bash 40pc Tableware/Invite Set
Monster Bash 40pc Tableware/Invite Set

Now for the food!

Alien Space Ship Cake
Make a simple alien space ship cake using one round 9-inch sponge cake and a dome shaped cake baked in a pudding bowl. First place the round cake on a foil-covered plate and put the dome cake upside down on top of that to make a space craft. Cover with a coloured frosting of your choice. Decorate the cake with edible glitter and add round lollies for "windows" to the sides of the dome cake. Too easy!

Here are a few ideas to help you get thinking…

Give a futuristic feel to any treat by using cookie cutters in the shape of stars and moons. Create star, rocket, astronaut or alien shapes for sandwiches, cookies and melon slices.

• Decorate sandwiches and cookies with star shaped sprinkles
• Make flying saucer sandwiches with pita bread
• Decorate everything space-themed lollies like alien or rocket ship gummies
• Chocolate bars sometimes have wrappers with space themes
• Give any treat a monster themed name like “Martian Munchies” etc

Have fun!

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