Happy Un-Birthday! Have a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

Every day is a good day to celebrate an Unbirthday, so have an Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatter’s Tea Party at any time of the year! Your guests will be thrilled as they enter a land of whimsical magic!

Tea Party Tableware Set Tea Party Tableware Set

It’s not just for a birthday - any excuse to have a party will do.

Here are some quick and easy ideas to start you off on the road to planning a perfect party!

• Why not decorate your party room with giant inflatable flowers and anything that looks like a flamingo?

Inflatable Flowers Inflatable Flowers

• Make some 'Drink Me labels'…Tie these to every teacup, jug and every teapot

• Set up an outdoor Chess Set 

• Make rabbit paw tracks and put them on the floor leading your guests to your party table or games area

• Be creative and decorate biscuits and cakes with "eat me" written on them.

• Set the scene and put a toy mouse in a teapot to represent the doormouse in Alice in Wonderland

• Invite your guests to play a Mad Hatter's Game….Place a top hat or similar upside down on a chair and have your party guests throw beanbags into the hat from a distance. The one with most points is the winner!

• Make sandwiches which are cut out to look like card shapes - diamonds, hearts, clubs and spades

• Play House of Cards games - split your guests into two or more teams and give each team a deck of cards. See which team can build the tallest house of cards in 5 minutes!

• When you invite your guests, insist that everyone wears a mad hat. Best hat wins a prize!

Mad Hatter Hat Mad Hatter Hat

• And of course, a Teapot Piñata filled with assorted themed party goodies and even lollies will be the highlight for your guests. Alternatively, use as a party table decoration.

Tea Pot Pinata Tea Pot Pinata

  For even more fun party ideas and themed party tableware, games, favors, and party goodies, visit Party Kit 'n Kaboodle!

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