Message for mums: Birthday Parties are fun (even for you!)

Does the prospect of organising a Birthday Party for your young precious Ladybug or darling Dinosaur lover makes you want to scream and hide under your bed?

Do you hate running from shop to shop, only to be disappointed that you weren’t able to find that ‘something unique’ for your child’s special day?

Birthday Parties are a special day for your child – regardless of whether they are turning 1 or 21 – a family memory, and a great time for family, friends, and loved ones to get together and celebrate……well, they’re supposed to be! However, in reality, they are a stressful organisational feat for the planner – usually mum!

Ok – deep breath – let’s look at some possible solutions. Why not delegate – hmmm – maybe the 14 year old son organising a Pink Cowgirl Party for the 4 year old may not turn out as expected. What about hubby? Um – maybe not. Remember last time? Thus, yes, sadly, it falls back on good old reliable mum.

Pink Cowgirl Cake Topper Candles
Pink Cowgirl Cake Topper Candles

What to do, what to do…

Thankfully, Party Kit ‘n Kaboodle comes in to save the day!

Step 1:
Visit Party Kit ‘n Kaboodle

Step 2:
Select a Theme

Step 3:
Add your themed party supplies to your cart, and check out.

Step 4:
Wait for your postie to deliver your themed party goodies direct to your door.

Step 5:

The bulk of your organisation is done. Just invite your guests, add some food and perhaps a lovely themed cake. Decorate your party room with your Party Kit ‘n Kaboodle decorations and you’re set.

What about loot bags for the guests, I hear you cry – well we have that covered too!

Visit us soon & get inspired for your next Birthday Party.

Remember: it’s fun – even for you, mum.


Monster Bash Filled Loot Bag
Monster Bash Filled Loot Bag


Slumber Party Filled Loot Bag
Slumber Party Filled Loot Bag
Neon Monkey Filled Treat Bag

Neon Monkey Filled Treat Bag

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