You don’t have to wait until Halloween to have a Spooky Party

Don't be scared - Spooky parties are fun!

It’s never too early to start thinking about throwing a Halloween Party.

Along with this collection of fun scary party ideas, Party Kit 'n Kaboodle's collection of Spooky Party products have a bit of everything that you will need.

Take a look and see the spooktacular ideas we have!

This theme is not just for Halloween- use it for Friday 13th parties too or just any time you feel like being spooky!

To lure your guests, you will need invitations:

These Coffin Invitations in a Box are deliciously ghoulish:

Coffin Invitations in a Box
Coffin Invitations in a Box

Next, set the scene with a spine-chilling assortment of decorations to really add to the mood to your haunted house:

From skeletons to ghosts, and spiders to monsters, you are sure to find some frightfully eerie trimmings!

Dangling Skeleton  
Dangling Skeleton
Halloween Spider Pinata
Halloween Spider Pinata
Halloween Spooky Fright Tape
Halloween Spooky Fright Tape


Your table has never looked so horrendously delicious with our spectral collection of tablecovers, tableware, glasses, and straws.

Skeleton Hand Glasses
Skeleton Hand Glasses
Skeleton Straws
Skeleton Straws

Here are some simple Spooky Party Food ideas which your guests will find divinely delicious:

Cheese Fingers:

Cheese Fingers
Cheese Fingers

Kids love them!

1. Buy some cheese sticks for ‘fingers’.
2. Get a green pepper and cut bits up for the finger nails.
3. Use a little cream cheese to stick the finger nails on to the fingers.
4. With the back of a knife or a fork make creases on the fingers to make ‘joints’.

Pizza Mummies

Have these spooky-looking snacks any time of year.
All you do really is spoon the pizza sauce on the English muffins and making the mummy faces with the cheese and vegetables or fruit

Pizza Mummies
Pizza Mummies

You need:
English muffins
Pizza sauce
Sultanas for eye
Red or green peppers cheese slices

Heat the oven to 180 C 350° F.
Toast the underside of each muffin first.
For each mummy, spread a tablespoon of pizza sauce onto half of an English muffin
Put thin olive slices or sultanas in place for eyes and add round slices of green onion or if you refer bits of red or green pepper for pupils
Lay strips of cheese across the muffin for the mummy’s wrappings.
Bake for about 10 minutes or until the cheese is melted and the muffin is toasty.


Cracker Spiders
Cracker Spiders

For each spider you will need:
2 round crackers or plain biscuits
2 teaspoons smooth peanut butter or cheese spread
8 small pretzel sticks
2 raisins
With the peanut butter or cheese spread, make a cracker sandwich.
Push eight pretzel "legs" into the filling.
With 2 dabs of cheese spread put two raisin "eyes" on top.


Sausage Toes
Sausage Toes

You will need:
Small sausages or cheerios' cut up into ‘toe sizes’
Small 15 cms soft tortilla wraps
Ketchup and some toothpicks
1. Cook the sausages
2. Cut a small wedge shape at the end of each sausage to make a toenail shape.
3. Cut the tortillas into strips about 9 cms long and 2 cms wide. Throw away the ends.
4. Roll each piece of sausage in a tortilla strip and secure with a toothpick.
5. Fill the toenails with ketchup.
6. Take the toothpicks out before serving.

Spooky Cupcakes:

Halloween Cupcake Feet
Halloween Cupcake Feet

Spread pre-baked cupcakes with a frosting that you like.
Decorate with gummy worms, lolly spiders…or anything spooky

Just love to bake?

Check out our Halloween Cookie Shapes Tin, or selection of Spooky Halloween Cupcake Picks

Halloween Cookie Shapes Tin
Halloween Cookie Shapes Tin

Get your guests to dress up & play some Spooky Games.......

(Don't forget to award some prizes, such as Party Kit 'n Kaboodle's Spooky Costume Trophies!)

Spooky Costume Trophies
Spooky Costume Trophies

The Secret Chamber Game

This is a game of tag, where you choose one kid to be the monster. the other kids are witches and wizards. Tell all the kids that the Secret Chamber has been opened and an evil monster has been let loose! Once the monster touches a witches or wizard he petrifies them and they must freeze. Petrified players can only be freed by the unfrozen players when tagged by them. Once a player is frozen three times they then remain permanently petrified. The last player to avoid being petrified is the winner!

The Mad Scientist and his Treasure Box Game

Mad Scientist Wig
Mad Scientist Wig

The kids pretend they are in a mad scientist's scary laboratory. You can dress up in a white lab coat, wear a freaky wig or gel your hair!
You will need a cardboard box with a hole (not too large) cut out in the front for the children to put their hand through.
Place different foods in bowls in the box one at time and the children have to guess what they are....jelly can be a liver, tinned skinless tomatoes or peeled grapes can feel like eyeballs, cooked spaghetti feels horribly like intestines, peanut shells or dry pasta shapes crushed are toenails, cooked cold cauliflower feels like soggy brains. Get the idea?! The kids will be squealing!

Pin the Bone on the Skeleton Game

Taken from the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey using a skeleton instead. You can buy a cardboard skeleton or make your own... but leave off one arm or leg. See who can pin it in the right place after being blindfolded!

Of course, your guests will need some gifts to take away as an eerie memento of their spooky party experience. Loot Bags filled with chillingly good devilish treasures will make them scream with joy.

Coffin Shaped Gift Bag 

Coffin Shaped Gift Bag

Inflatable Glow in the Dark Skulls
Inflatable Glow in the Dark Skulls


Glow in the Dark Eyeball Tattoos 

Glow in the Dark Eyeball Tattoos

Spider & Web Stampers
Spider & Web Stampers

Some Spooky Craft ideas

Make a Scary Snake

Make a scary snake!
You will need:
Black paper
Materials for decoration

1. Cut out a length of paper about 40 cm x 3 cm.
2. Slightly round off one end of the paper strip for the snake’s head.
3. Cut the other end to a point for the tail.
4. Glue on eyes and a forked tongue from coloured paper scraps or material
5. Decorate the body of the snake with anything bright.
6. Finish the Scary Snake by folding the entire length of the snake’s body into an accordion fold. Kids love them!

Feel inspired? 

For more macabre and ghoulish ideas & party goodies, visit Party Kit 'n Kaboodle's Spooks, Ghosts, Scary & Halloween Party Theme today!

Or contact our friendly team for more information.

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Monsters! Aliens! Creatures from Outer Space! Great Party Ideas

Monsters! Aliens! Creatures from Outer Space!

Don’t panic! These creatures come in peace!

Monster Bash Loot Bag
Monster Bash Loot Bag

Give your kids the coolest Monster Bash themed birthday party in the universe. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to make sure your birthday boy or girl has a blast - and you can do it all at down–to-earth prices.

Are they monsters? Are they aliens? We have some really cute critters that are so friendly that their big bright smiles will melt your heart.

Instead of the traditional party hat, the kids will shriek with delight when they see themselves wearing a Monster Bash Head Bopper – bright, fuzzy and full of fun. You

Monster Bash Head Bopper
Monster Bash Head Bopper

could join in too and wear one…go on… give the kids a laugh! Make a fashion statement! Or look like a crazy loon and wear a mad scientist wig

Get the idea?...Are you on a roll?....Great!

Check out our Monster Bash Squirts, Monster Bubble Bottles, paddleball games,

Monster Bash Paddle Ball Game
Monster Bash Paddle Ball Game

pop-ups and craft kits. Turn the pieces on our Puzzle Cubes to create your monsters!

Monster Bash Relaxable Balls
Monster Bash Relaxable Balls

Kick off your shoes and relax with a Monster Relaxable ball when the party is over and all the kids have gone home wild and happy clutching their Monster Bash Filled Treat Bags stuffed with cheerful monster toys!

Feeling creative? Then how about making a Spaceship Photo Cut Out?
Before the party, draw a large spaceship on a piece of stiff cardboard. Cut an oval window in the spaceship big enough for a child's face to fit in. When the party guests arrive, let the children stand behind the spaceship and stick their heads through the window…then take a photo of the new astronauts! A photo is always a nice memory to take home.

Cut fat monster feet from green cardboard and stick them to the floor leading from the door to the main party room.

Play monster music like Sesame Street’s Monster in the Mirror, Monster Mash, The Purple People Eater, Addams Family Theme and Ghostbusters.

Consider a pull-string piñata if you would rather not have small children swinging a bat.

Decorate your monster birthday party table with star tablecloth.

Monster Bash 40pc Tableware/Invite Set
Monster Bash 40pc Tableware/Invite Set

Now for the food!

Alien Space Ship Cake
Make a simple alien space ship cake using one round 9-inch sponge cake and a dome shaped cake baked in a pudding bowl. First place the round cake on a foil-covered plate and put the dome cake upside down on top of that to make a space craft. Cover with a coloured frosting of your choice. Decorate the cake with edible glitter and add round lollies for "windows" to the sides of the dome cake. Too easy!

Here are a few ideas to help you get thinking…

Give a futuristic feel to any treat by using cookie cutters in the shape of stars and moons. Create star, rocket, astronaut or alien shapes for sandwiches, cookies and melon slices.

• Decorate sandwiches and cookies with star shaped sprinkles
• Make flying saucer sandwiches with pita bread
• Decorate everything space-themed lollies like alien or rocket ship gummies
• Chocolate bars sometimes have wrappers with space themes
• Give any treat a monster themed name like “Martian Munchies” etc

Have fun!

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Snuggle Pals – Because everyone needs someone to love!

Everyone needs someone to love!

Winter’s here. Feel the need to snuggle up real close with someone adorable?

Someone who has a soft heart, someone who knows your inner most secrets but will never ever tell. Someone who looks good, feels good, has a great body and dresses well! Sound like your ideal soul-mate? OK…then LOOK NO FURTHER!

Yellow Labrador Snuggle Pal

We have found you the ultimate friend… a real Snuggle Pal…and it’s someone you can make into exactly who you want them to be -  Fancy a hunky soldier? A tough rough cowboy or a beautiful ballerina?

Tabby Cat Snuggle Pal

Snuggle Pals are for everyone so there is definitely one for you! There’s no sewing….you just stuff the body then pull the belly button threads to fasten off. SOOOO easy!

Snuggle Pal bodies are BIG– between 35 - 40cm. There are teddy bears, dogs, cats, tigers and lions. You don’t even need to be ‘crafty’. Simple instructions are included along with everything you need – stuffing, a beautiful body and a complimentary Party Kit ’n Kaboodle T-shirt for your Pal. You also get a Birth Certificate and a Satin Wishing Star. After you have made a secret wish, the Wishing Star is put in your new Pal’s body before you finishing stuffing. Your secret is safe forever….how cool is that!

Kitten Snuggle Pal
You will adore your new Pal - someone to treasure forever - or surprise someone you love with this great gift!

Pirate Pete Snuggle Pal OutfitBrilliant Beach Girl Snuggle Pal OutfitCowboy Snuggle Pal Outfit
Need an outfit for your new Pal? There are HEAPS of options. Fancy a fireman, bikie, doctor? Go for it! The world is your lobster - There’s even a super soccer outfit, fairy and ballerina. The choice is almost limitless.

Go on…stuff away until your heart’s content.

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Ladybug Party

Ok…so your kid’s dream party is a LADYBUG PARTY. Nice choice! Here are some dead easy ideas to help you.

Filled Ladybug Treat Bag

Why stick to normal old red balloons when you can have red ones with black spots! Keep the red and black ladybug feel without being dull - get some bright red plain balloons, some black paper and double sided sticky tape. Create your own spots by sticking circles of black paper about 5 cms diameter all over the balloons for an instant exciting ladybug effect! If you can’t get your paws on double sided tape then use ordinary sticky tape. All you do is cut a piece and wrap it round your finger - sticky side out, dear, sticky side out! - and make a circle. Stick the circle on to the black spot and then press the whole thing on to the balloon.

Great isn’t it? And don’t you feel such a nice sense of achievement?!

You are on a roll, have a bash at this one…

• Do the same with a plain red plastic table cover too. It looks just fantastic, trust me, it really does. Get more black paper and make bigger spots – go really wild if you want and make them different sizes ? Stick them all over the plastic cloth in gay abandon! It’s original - and it’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg to create a wonderful atmosphere which just has to be a bonus ?

Ok…ready for the next one? This is simple. A bug head band. Keep to the red and black colour theme for the best effect. You’ll need to use your kid’s head as a template for the size of the headband. This is the part in the craft session where you start using bribery with chocolate if the little ‘light of your life’ is giving you a hard time by not standing still to be measured. Amazing what can be accomplished with a bag of lollies isn’t it? Anyway, here you go…

• Make a ‘bug’ headband for each guest using a strip of coloured card and two straws or pipe cleaners with fluffy craft bobbles on top for antennae –or raid the bathroom cupboard and use small cotton wool balls. Stick everything together with the good old sticky tape. Don’t you just love that stuff?!

Ladybug Cake Topper Candles
Ladybug Cake Topper Candles

Ladybug Cake for people who aren't great cooks!

Go on…give this a go - and if all else fails you can always secretly give it to the dog. He’ll be a very willing silent ‘partner in crime’.

Ladybug Cake

Make a cake that looks like a ladybug.

Ladybug Cake

You will need:

• 1 large pudding bowl for the body – check out the picture to give you an idea of sizes

• 1 smaller pudding bowl for the head

• Baking paper to line the bowls so that it’s easier to get the cooked sponges out

• 2 pkts of sponge cake mix from the supermarket

• 3 cups or more red frosting or butter icing coloured with red food dye (Butter icing is dead easy to make. It’s just sieved icing sugar and soft butter beaten together. Use about 2 times more icing sugar than butter and make it so it’s like toothpaste consistency. Add a couple of drops of milk if it’s too stiff –but it’s very easy to overdo it so be careful - drop by drop is best or you’ll get into one heck of a state)

• Junior M & Ms or mini Smarties

• 2 green gumdrops

• Black shoestring liquorice

Ok… so here’s what you do:

1. First off you’d better put the oven on at the temperature advised on the sponge packet or you aren’t going to get anywhere

2. Line the 2 pudding bowls with the baking paper – cut to fit reasonably well but no need to be really fussy. It just makes it so much easier to turn the sponges out of the bowls and stops all the swearing and cursing

3. Make up the sponge mix as directed on the packets

4. Pour the stuff into 2 pudding bowls – you’ll probably have too much for the smaller bowl so doesn’t waste it! You could let the kids lick the bowl now and be ‘the best parent in the whole wide world’ but I’d give the bigger bowl a bit more mixture instead. Your ladybug will have a nice chubby ladybug body…and better her than you so maybe you should lay off licking the bowl out too.

5. The smaller sponge will be ready quicker than the big one so keep your eye on it in the oven. Check them by pressing the sponges gently in the middle with your finger. If you leave a bit of a dent in the top then they aren’t cooked. The sponges should spring back into shape and feel spongy. You can also check to see if the middle is done by pushing a metal skewer (or something similar) down into the middle. If it comes out clean then everything’s fine. If it’s got sponge mix sticking to it then put the bowl back in the oven for a bit longer. When the sponges are cooked – let them cool off a little before turning them out of the bowls. Leave them ‘dome side up’.

6. When they are completely cold put them on your serving plate and then cover them with the red frosting. Don’t even think about doing this if the sponges are still a little bit warm – the frosting will melt and you will get into one heck of a mess. Whack the frosting on the sponges in quite a thick layer and smooth it over – but be gentle and don’t muck around with it too much otherwise you’ll ‘churn up’ sponge crumbs into the frosting and your ladybug’s red coat will have cake bits in it. If this does happen then just don’t panic! Either pick them out or, when you go on to the next stage of decorating the red body with Smarties, push the Smarties into the red frosting on top of any dodgy bits to camouflage it.

7. Ok – so now you have a nice spotty body. Wonderful!

8. Put the green gumdrop eyes on with a Smartie pupil – use a bit of frosting to stick the pupil on.

9. Cut some liquorice for a little smiley mouth and the liquorice antennae. Put those on the cake and you are done!!

There you go…too easy!! Looks fantastic ?

Now that wasn’t TOO stressful was it!?

Sandwiches …that sounds SO boring especially at a party but try these ideas. It’s the shape that kids love so use your cookie cutters. They are quick and easy. No cookie cutters? Don’t give up! Make up a sandwich and cut out a shape using a sharp knife.

• Butterfly-shaped sandwiches with a thin strip of carrot down the centre for a butterfly body.

pullback ladybug
Pullback Ladybug

• Flower and love heart shaped sandwiches.

Ever eaten a caterpillar? No? Never? I bet you’ll try this one…

• Make a fruit caterpillar by placing a wriggly line of grapes and melon balls down a platter

However full you feel after a meal there’s ALWAYS room for desert especially these little Jelly Ladybugs

• Make up a red jelly as directed on the packet.

• Pour into plastic cups after it has cooled slightly.

• Put in the refrigerator until set

• Turn out onto plates

• Decorate using liquorice for the legs or chocolate drops/buttons for the spots

Or these wonderful little creatures…

Strawberry ice-cream ladybugs

Scoop of ice-cream shaped into a ball, decorated with chocolate dots, and liquorice for legs and antennae

The kids will love ‘em!

After eating all this food the kids will be thirsty…so serve up some of this…

Ladybug juice!

Serve fruit juice or cordial (red if you dare!) from a jug with black cardboard dots stuck on the outside

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World Cup Soccer Fever – Why not have a party?

Soccer Fever is Here!

Enjoy the sounds of victory! Get your Soccer Ball Clappers, Soccer Ball Horns,

Soccer Clapper

Air blasters and Soccer Ball Whistles to cheer on your team. Score big with teammates and fans by having these plastic noisemakers in the stands and on the sidelines. Wave your Soccer Ball Clappers around to applaud great plays and winning goals! Help support your team, give ’em a hand!

It’s Party Time while the game is on…

Kick off your victory party by handing out Relaxable Soccer Sport Balls.

Relaxable Soccer Balls

Squeeze these realistic foam soccer balls and the stress of the match will melt away! Winning gifts for everyone that will score big with teammates and come in handy during stressful moments during the championship season! THIS is what you need…and it’s all so easy!

What about some awesome Soccer Sports Star Tableware and Invitations? Soccer Star Tableware Set & InvitationsParty tableware sets are perfect for any soccer or sports themed event. They include invitations with envelopes, soccer jersey shaped party plates, cups and soccer napkins. Looks great teamed up with a bright green or soccer themed table cover. Come on…what more could you want?!

Go visit local sports shops to see if they can spare any old advertising material or promotional posters. Pin them up around the room. Gives a great feel to the event. Invite your party guests to dress in their soccer gear – that’ll really get everyone in the sporty mood.

Here are a couple of games to play during half time…

Soccer Bowling:

• Set up bowling pins or empty plastic milk bottles. Line the pins up in two rows - two pins in the front and three at the back.

• Have your party guests kick a ball and knock down as many pins as they can. One point is awarded for each pin knocked down.

• The player with the most points wins. Give the winner an Award Ribbon or a trophy

Obstacle Dribble:

• Make an obstacle course in your yard out of cones, chairs, the dog (if he’ll sit still), grandma or any other items.

• Have the guests form a line.

• Then they take turns dribbling a soccer ball around the obstacle course to the end and back.

• Add some daft activities like kicking the ball through a big cardboard box and then crawling through after it.

Ok…after all this activity and excitement, everyone is hungry.

Soccer  Filled Loot Bag

So feed ‘em! What about making a terrific cake? I buy sponge mix packets from the supermarket – they always turn out a darn sight nicer than my ‘homemade from scratch’ sponges and they actually get eaten. Just follow the easy instructions…fool proof unless you burn it…

Soccer Ball Cake:

Mix up a packet of sponge mix

Bake a flat rectangular sponge cake.

Cover it with green frosting.

Put the cake to one side.

This is the playing field.

Mix up another packet sponge mix.

Grease Pyrex pudding bowl and pour in the sponge mix.

Bake a little longer than recommended baking time.

This is the soccer ball…well - it will be when you turn it out!

Tip the "soccer ball cake" out of the pudding bowl onto the rectangular sponge cake you made in the beginning.

Sprinkle green-tinted coconut around the ball cake so make the grass.

Put a layer of white icing all over the soccer ball cake.

Finally, using a toothpick, draw a soccer ball design on the white icing and outline the design with black icing.

Kick the winning goal at the end of the party …

Be the talk of the town by giving all your soccer fans an awesome Sport Ball Filled Treat Bag to take home. A great gift and a super memento of a fantastic day.

Terrific huh?! Enjoy!

That’s all folks!


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Our Fabulous Foam Adhesive Craft Shapes Have Arrived!

Ok – look no further! We have them all...carnival, sport, farm, princess, pirate dinosaur and many more. Just what you need to keep the kids busy and having heaps of fun with no glue so much less mess and that’s GOT to be a bonus Perfect for parties or just that rainy weekend…gotta love that!

Bugs Fabulous Foam Adhesive Craft Shapes

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Party Invitations – Make the Right Choice !

One of the first and important part of every single party is deciding upon the right Party Invitations. You need something different. Something exciting and fun. Something none of your friends have seen before. We have kept our range simple and only stock the most unusual ones we could find! So we now ‘Invite You’ to check out our exceedingly different party invitation range.

How about an “invitation in a Bottle” or a magnetic invitation for guests to keep in their fridge?

Pirate Invitation in a Bottle

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Feeling Chilly? Winter Party Ideas

Feeling chilly? How about some great Party Games to play indoors? Here some you can play indoors without too much mess and still have fun!

Pin the Crown on the Princess Game

Remember ‘Pin The Tail on the Donkey’? Well now you can ‘Pin the Bottle on the Baby’, ‘Pop the Eye Patch on the Pirate’ or even ‘Crown the Princess’!!

Pass The Parcel – a traditional party game and still a great favourite… pass the parcel containing layers of gifts around in a circle so everyone gets a chance to unwrap their surprise when the music stops. Party Kit ‘n Kaboodle can supply everything you need to make you own Pass The Parcel game that suits the theme of your party or we can make them for you!

A Treasure Hunt – allocate certain areas of your home as the Hunting Area…nobody wants heaps of kids rummaging all over the house ( that could turn into a real nightmare!) The kids will have tons of fun discovering their treasures. Check out Party Kit ‘n Kaboodle’s Pirate drawstring bags full of coins and jewels…hide the treasure and then give each kid the empty bag to pop their goodies in as they find them!

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Party Kit ‘n Kaboodle’s Blog

Welcome to Party Kit ‘n Kaboodle’s Blog page.
Check back with us often as we bring you fantastic hints, fun party tips & great ideas to make your next party event spectacular!

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